7 Important Things Nobody Tells You About Motivation

Motivation isn’t something you’re born with. It’s not that some people are naturally motivated and others aren’t motivated at all. The big secret is that motivation can be cultivated which means that you too can do something to improve the level of motivation in your life.

1. Starting small helps you get motivated
2. Having a reason “why” helps you stay motivated
3. Your vision of what’s possible helps you keep going
4. Habits are the fuel for motivation
5. Acknowledging your progress is critical
6. Your inner circle impacts your motivation
7. Failure can unleash your motivation

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5 Productivity Tips From Incredibly Busy People

5 Productivity Tips From Incredibly Busy People

From former U.S. Army captains to tennis pros, it’s always interesting to learn what kind of strategies highly productive people use to stay on top of their game.

1. Have a single purpose focus
2. Ruthlessly block out distractions
3. Set a strict time limit on meetings
4. Set up productivity rituals
5. Get up earlier

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