Time Conqueror – An empowerment guide

“Time Conqueror” is a research Initiative by Connexions ZA. It contains research on issues related to time management, or rather productivity, that is updated periodically.

It is what it is – an ongoing research project about time management. It gives you references and abstracts for further reading and studying.
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Evernote – Greatest App discovered in 2016


Big ideas, little details, and everything in between. Anything that matters to you can be captured in a note, ready for when you need it.

Clip web pages and images
Stay organized across platforms
Find text in images
Access notes from all your devices
Offline notebooks on mobile
Save important email in Evernote
Search in Office docs & PDFs
Annotate attached PDFs
Scan and digitize business cards
Present notes with one click
See content related to your notes
Priority customer support

Evernote. (2016). Capture what’s on your mind. [online] Available at: https://evernote.com/ [Accessed 29 Dec. 2016].