Time Conqueror is about you.

You and your life and how you fill your time with your life.

It is in fact about your wealth, health and happiness. Because how you spend your time is how you fill your life.

Explore Time Conqueror. If you don’t get even one extremely valuable insight from us, we have failed you, and ourself.

New – Time Conqueror Guide

“Time Conqueror” is a research Initiative by Connexions ZA. It contains research on issues related to time management, or rather productivity, that is updated periodically.

It is what it is – an ongoing research project about time management. It gives you references and abstracts for further reading and studying.

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4 Ways of Keeping Time Thieves at Bay
8 Ways Successful People Beat Procrastination
9 Tips for Successful Time Management
Arrest The Time Thieves – Effective Time Management
Do It Now: 10 Strategic Tips to Manage Procrastination in Business Operations

… and more.

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